Restoration of GWR 7202's Boiler.

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Last Updated on 25th April 2010

GWR 175 Event GWR 175 Event

GWR 2-8-2T Class 72xx No 7236

Hopefully this is what 7202 will sound like.


                    These few pages are going to be solely dedicated to the restoration of the boiler on locomotive 7202. If you want to know more about this engine and the rest of its restoration progress or about GWR Class 28xx No 3822 then use this link to go to "GWR 7202 and 3822's homepage". These pages will be updated each time some work is done on the boiler. There will also be a photo gallery of work in progress with photos of parts of the boiler that many people do not usually get the chance to see, eg: inside the barrel and the firebox.

John Minchin (Right) and myself on the footplate of 3822


Funds for the maintenance and restoration of these two locos are raised in a shop run by the "Heavy Freight Group" or more commonly known as "The Mob". If you feel you have something to offer in the way of labour or donation then contact should be made with either "John Minchin" or "Mark Baldry" both are usually on site most weekends, you will be made to feel most welcome to the group and it does not matter whether you are skilled or unskilled. (It helps if you know a little bit about ale). Members of the group usually meet on the second weekend of the month to have a work weekend on 7202 or on 3822 if there is maintenance to be done. For more information on the work weekends email "Mark Baldry" at  he will be able to tell you more.

Since writing the above i have decided to include a few extra pages such as events and news from Didcot Railway Centre and also a photo gallery, hopefully this will turn into bit of a rogues gallery so you can see the people behind the restoration.

On certain days of the year the Heavy Freight Group also run a licenced bar to help raise funds for the restoration and upkeep of the two locos 7202 and 3822. Dates for this will be published on this web site on the other news page. Have a good day out and enjoy the smell of steam and taste some good beer.



Below are the dates that the group meet for their work weekend. These weekends could be doing maintenance or more usually restoration.

  2010 Work Weekend Dates

January 9th &10th

February 13th & 14th

March 13th & 14th

April 10th & 11th

May 8th & 9th

June 12th & 13th

July 10th & 11th

August 14th & 15th

September 11th & 12th

October 9th & 10th

November 13th & 14th

December 11th & 12th



Other Pages.

Boiler Details -- Specifications and history of the boiler.                                            

Work Progress -- Updates on how things are going.                                             UPDATED            15th April 2010.

Other News -- Special events and other bits and pieces.                                        UPDATED            15th April 2010.

Links -- Sites of interest to the steam enthusiast and of GWR interest.

Photo Galleries -- A collection of photos divided into subject matter.                    UPDATED            25th April 2010.

Footplate stories -- Short true stories from the war years 1939-45.                     *** NEW ***          15th April 2010.   



GWR Class 72xx No 7202

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A full program for Didcot Railway Centres steam days and events in 2010 can be found at "Didcot Railway Centre".



Please feel free to email me at with any questions, comments or suggestions for improvements to the website.

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